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2018 Articles
by Phoenix Medical Management, Inc.

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This or that - discharge planner or care coordinator

Care coordination or discharge planning

Case mgmt is not discharge planning & it's much more than closing gaps in care & following up with patients to prevent re-admissions. Care coordination seeks to synchronize the roles & contributions of everyone involved in a patients care.Providers who expect to reap the full benefits of value-based care contracts need to develop care coordination capabilities that they likely do not have today. [...]


This is the week we honor case managers who practice in every setting and share their caring, their knowledge and their advocacy to those patients and families who need them the most. PhoenixMed is especially grateful to the hospital-based men and women who practice diligently to ensure that their patients' journey through the continuum of care is safe and efficient. [...]

Post Acute Partnerships Flourishing

Even where fee-for-service is still dominant, having the right post-acute care partners can improve economic performance by reducing length of stay, minimizing ED visits, preventing acute care readmissions and maintaining the care coordination connection. [...]

Transitional programs work

Transitional care programs are a great option for selected patients who are ready to leave the hospital setting, but may still be vulnerable and need care, assistance, and advocacy while navigating through provider settings in the community, or at home. [...]

Physician Advisors Influence Better Patient Care

Persuading change in medical practice requires alignment of several factors: The role and visibility of a case manager, the prime directive of the case management program; the Physician Advisor as consultant to the medical staff and the case management team, and the availability and use of data. [...]

Length of stay is not a problem - It's a symptom

Take control of a potentially uncontrollable situation about length of stay by changing the conversation to a discussion about safety and quality. Changing the conversation gives control to the case management program leaders who soon recognize that, by stepping away from cycles of bullying about length of stay, they can then guide the discussions toward a more favorable, resolution. [...]

Making the case for a new hospital case management model

Change is coming - and faster than you think. The current landscape is starting to transform, and the future promises a continued acceleration and utilization of technology, finely tuned teamwork, streamlined processes, and a greater focus on patient outcomes. [...]