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2019 Articles
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CMS Issues New Conditions of Participation for Discharge Planning for Hospitals and Home Health Agencies

CMS announced that they are not finalizing the requirement of a discharge assessment for every patient and will continue to permit a screening process to identify "those patients who are likely to suffer adverse health consequences upon discharge in the absence of adequate discharge planning and must provide a discharge planning evaluation for those patients so identified...." [...]

Care Coordination Across the Continuum

From inpatient to post acute services to community care, continuity must be the essential component . Planners must avoid an approach that creates fragmented organizational structures that lead to disrupted relationships, poor information flows, and misaligned incentives, and instead consider a unified approach to longitudinal care coordination. . . [...]

Case management IS care coordination

On June 13, 2019 CMSA announced its landmark White Paper on Hospital Case Management Practice. A two-year project exploring the current marketplace with its Triple-Aim demand for lower costs, better quality of care, and a much-improved patient experience. Included are the priorities to consider to better meet marketplace demands and patient needs. [...]

A guide for drugs to avoid in older adults.

The Beers Criteria are intended to improve medication selection, reduce adverse drug events, and provide a tool to assess cost, patterns, and quality of care of drugs used for people aged 65 years or older. It lists drugs that should be avoided in the treatment of older adults, either generally or in patients with specific diseases or conditions. [...]

Care Coordination is not a synonym for discharge planning

Hospitals and health systems across the country are redesigning care delivery to improve quality and outcomes, enhance patient experience, and reduce costs with the ultimate goal of better outcomes. Transforming traditional hospital case management models to serve high risk patient populations across the continuum ensures patient-centered care. [...]

Leadership Rounds

Leadership rounds with care team members is a strategy to connect with front line staff to reinforce the organization's commitment to safety and quality. It offers an opportunity for staff members to communicate unit-specific problems and enthusiastically engage in problem solving with hospital leaders. [...]

Demands and Case Manager Advocacy

This article is taken largely from a 1996 article published in the Healthcare Forum written by Emily Friedman a well known policy analyst who was a prolific writer in the 1990s. [...]