CMS to Resume Surveys

Published on Apr 05, 2021

CMS Memorandum - CMS has lifted the suspension on hospital surveys

On March 26, CMS announced that they will be resuming hospital surveys.  The Memorandum, highlights the new plans for CMS visits to.

  • Any hospital that had a suspended 30-day survey scheduled
  • Any new hospital complaints that CMS received since January 20, 2021.
  • Any hospitals that were under plans of correction related to deficiencies.
  • Any desk reviews related to open surveys for noncompliance.
  • Any open enforcement cases to ensure compliance is being adhered to.

If your hospital falls into these general categories, it is a good time to remember how to be prepared for a visit.  Please remember to breathe, and then utilize this time to learn from your mistakes to turn them into successes.