Clinton Regional Health System

When our Vice President-Patient Care, Judi Henson, was assigned to redesign our Case Management program here at CMH Regional Health system, she engaged the services of Stefani Daniels, Phoenix: The Hospital Case Management Company. At the time I really didn’t think too much about it as I trusted her judgment on this selection.

Stefani accomplished several things that made me stand up & take notice:

  1. Completed a thorough analysis of the then present Case Management program, left no stone unturned. Her report to Judi & I was excellent, a terse & very specific overview of the issues & the potential recommendations along with centers of possible resistance. We have utilized this report as a blueprint for moving forward to bring our program to the upper level of operation.
  2. Stefani presented a more detailed Power Point to our senior team, the OPS Group. Based on this presentation it was a no-brainer to endorse the effort to move forward.
  3. The real test came in a presentation to our MEC, [Medical staff Executive Committee]. Sometimes a potentially rough group to convince of the need for change. Her Power Point presentation generated the “right” questions. Stefani obviously knows her audiences & can strike a chord with them. This presentation also helped Judi Henson to move forward with the project.

Time will tell with regards to the ROI on this investment, I’m sure it will prove fruitful. If you are contemplating using Phoenix as your external advisor for Case Management, it will be worth your while to do so.


Andy Riddell
President/Chief Empowerment Officer
Clinton Regional Health System,
Wilmington, OH