Health Care's 'Dirty Little Secret': No One May Be Coordinating Care

by Roni Caryn Rabin, Kaiser Health News
Published on Jul 01, 2015

Betsy Gabay saw a rotating cast of at least 14 doctors when she was hospitalized at New York Hospital Queens for almost four weeks last year for a flare-up of ulcerative colitis. But the person she credits with saving her life is a spry, persistent 75-year-old with a vested interest — her mother.

Alarmed by her daughter’s rapid deterioration and then by her abrupt discharge from the hospital, Gabay’s mother contacted a physician friend who got her daughter admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. 

By then, Gabay, 50, had a blood clot in her lung and a serious bacterial infection, C. difficile. She also needed to have her diseased colon removed, according to the doctors at Mount Sinai. Had the problems been left unaddressed, any one of them might have killed her.  Read More>>>