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The Hospital Guide to Contemporary Utilization Review

New Edition !!

The Hospital Guide to Contemporary Utilization Review, Second Edition

The Hospital Guide to Contemporary Utilization Review, Second Edition, is a comprehensive resource designed to identify utilization review (UR) best practices and provide guidance on developing and enhancing a contemporary UR committee. This book focuses on the latest UR and patient status requirements to help hospitals perform high-quality reviews and comply with regulations in a value-based world. The second edition features extensive cover-to-cover updates with enhancements made to existing content and new chapters on the value of information and reporting as well as chapters on the intersection of revenue cycle functions pertinent to UR responsibilities.

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Hospital Case Management book

The Leader's Guide to Hospital Case Management

The first textbook devoted exclusively to the specialized needs of hospital case management programs! Co-authored by the partners of Phoenix Medical Management. This book was first published in 2005. While many of the operational recommendations have changed to keep pace with the marketplace, the concepts governing contemporary case management remain the same. 

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CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management

CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management - 3rd Edition

The latest edition of the Core Curriculum addresses the full spectrum of case management professional roles and environments, including hospital case management.  Proudly written by PhoenixMed partner Stefani Daniels, chapter 5, provides insights on transforming to a value based case management program.

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Reflections Blog

Subscribe to our REFLECTIONS blog for up to date information and practical insights on the continuing evolution of hospital case management practice and care coordination across the continuum. The REFLECTIONS blog is written specifically for hospital case managers.

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