Chief Operating Officer, Munson Medical Center

To Whom It May Concern:

Beginning in January 2015, Munson Medical Center entered into a consulting engagement with PHOENIX Medical Management, Inc. to provide a complete overhaul of our case management program.  Stefani Daniels and her experienced team reviewed our current program compared to contemporary case management model and provided a detailed gap analysis along with their prescriptive recommendations.  Munson then contracted with PHOENIX for management support and consultative resources to transform our case management program.   Stefani assigned Marianne Ramey to serve as interim director for case management and to oversee the transformation.  Marianne was professional throughout the engagement and created a strong working relationship with staff, management and physicians.  Marianne’s previous hospital engagements provided credibility in a change management environment allowing us to progress with minimal stress while at the same time having a vision for the future.

Munson’s engagement with PHOENIX lasted a little over a year with everything going according to plan.  We were sad to see Marianne leave because she became so much a part of our organization.  We have asked PHOENIX to continue to work with us as we develop a system-wide case management program and begin preparation for community case management.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Derk Pronger
Chief Operating Officer
Munson Medical Center