Riverside Medical Center

I am COO/CNO of a 342 bed acute care facility. We are a Top 100 Hospital, Magnet accredited and a recent Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence.

We engaged Phoenix Inc. to assess our Case Management - UR processes which I believed were outdated. We downloaded requested data and soon thereafter Phoenix came on site. Their knowledge of Case Management, specifically at Riverside, gleamed from our data, was incredible. Their interviews and observations were used for the 50-page assessment findings. The assessment is one of the few I have seen where weaknesses identified were followed with recommendations. The assessment was not a regurgitation of interviews. Findings were new, sometimes startling, as Phoenix outlined opportunities for us. Their assessment also revealed low hanging fruit opportunities which were immediately implemented.

In conclusion, Phoenix is one of the best consulting groups I have had the pleasure to work with during my 30+ year career. I recommend them enthusiastically and without reservation.

David Duda, Senior Vice President/CNO/COO