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From its inception, contemporary hospital case management practice has been based on the changes taking place in the healthcare marketplace and the standards of practice. With this knowledge, PHOENIXMed looks beyond standard solutions to offer new insights, reallocate resources, drive tangible results, and make programs more capable. We suggest that you begin with an objective assessment of your current case management program. The PHOENIXMed team knows the questions to ask, the documents to review, and the outcomes to analyze which is why we can be in and out of your facility in one week and produce a detailed report along with recommendations for improvements. For more information, contact today.

Case Management Program Assessment

Over the course of a one week engagement, the PhoenixMed team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the hospital's case management program and the hospital's readiness to embark on a transformation journey to a value-based model.  We will meet with key stakeholders, observe operations, review documents and data, and conduct focus groups with the medical staff to assess the value the organization places on its current program.  We will assess:

  • The organization's knowledge and depth of integration of case management at various levels;
  • Care coordination, utilization review, and counseling service activities including program infrastructure and workflow activities;
  • Transitions of care processes and transitional care programs including daily activities and staffing levels;
  • Access management/gatekeeping activities;
  • Knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of current care managers, utilization review personnel, and counseling team;
  • Clinical resource management strategies and the activities of the utilization review committee;
  • Personnel's ability to access, analyze and integrate data into the case management program; determine whether data analysis findings are used to set goals and quantify clinical and financial improvements;
  • Hospital's ability to quantify and communicate outcomes to clinicians, appropriate facility committees, governing body, and members of the administrative team.

Breakthrough Transformation

PhoenixMed's project team will help the hospital visualize, conceptualize and execute a contemporary case management program that reflects the hospital's current marketplace and positions the organization to make the leap to value based care. Over the course of one-year, PhoenixMed will immerse itself in the dual challenge of facilitating the development of a practical infrastructure and designing operational parameters that include:

  • Consolidated gatekeeping activities
  • Application of population health concepts 
  • Pro-active progression-of-care management
  • Resource management to avoid overtreatment
  • Transitions of care processes and transitional care
  • Engineer personnel assets for optimal service
  • Financial implications of progression of care obstacles
  • Point of service documentation support
  • Resource centers for post acute service coordination
  • Actionable data for business intelligence

Interim Hospital Case Management and Project Leadership

PhoenixMed has access to seasoned professionals who can provide leadership during your search for a permanent Hospital Case Management Program Director or to help your current Director execute a program transformation plan.