Temple University Hospital

I had the pleasure to engage Stefani Daniels and Marianne Ramey from Phoenix Medical Management, Inc. to assist with the restructuring of our Case Management Department. Phoenix demonstrated their experience and political sensitivity by memorializing our strategic vision and creating an organized structure, revising job descriptions, identifying measurable outcomes, and putting together an excellent education program for the staff.

With their guidance, we separated the functions of utilization management, created a resource center to perform the tasks related to discharge placement, and redefined the role of the case manager to focus on the progression of care of the patient. Our program has been very successful, and our length of stay was averaging 6.0 days is now averaging 5.3.

I highly recommend Phoenix to provide their expertise and professional approach to evaluating your case management program and implementing significant change with positive outcomes.

Susan Coull, MBA
Director of Operations for the Chief Medical Officer
Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA